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Building Black Wealth  through Dividend Stocks and Investment Clubs!


Debt Hacks

Top 5 stocks for under $100


Opportunity Zones – everything you need to know!

Step 12 – constantly seek out knowledge

Step 11 – Not a dollar of your savings in the stock market!!

Step 10 – towards financial freedom – Look out for future IPOs!

Step 9 – Buying dividend stocks.

Buy and hold, but MONITOR


Step 8 – Buy and holding high value stocks

7th Step towards financial freedom – Do not over spend your capital on too many stocks



6th step towards financial freedom! How to focus your portfolio and narrow the stock you may pick.

How to streamline and scale your side hustle idea…

Step 5 towards financial freedom – DO your research and track the stocks you want to invest in.

Step 4 towards financial freedom – Getting a brokerage account to invest!

How and why we invested in the REIT Stag Industrial…Passive Income.

3rd STEP towards financial freedom….build your emergency savings.

2nd STEP towards financial freedom! Millennial advice to max out your Roth IRA.

How do I start buying and selling stock? Start with funding your trading platform.

1st step to financial freedom…putting the max in your 401k account. Your 401k is your safety net for the future. Think Ahead.

REIT Talk and how Gymboree closing can effect your passive income!

Buying stock for the first time? No need to be nervous. Watch this video where I walk you through a stock transaction.

Who We ARE…and WHY we do it. Check out our mission video.