1. Ally (Nasdaq: ALLY) is a millennial company. Well positioned to thrive in the years to come. A completely online bank significantly cuts overhead, which has been used for occasional dividend payments and more importantly strong earnings. Not only a bank, ALLY has diversified and acquired a trading service platform. Ally Invest allows users to buy or sell stock at $4.95 per trade. ALLY will be a force in the near future. Currently trading at nearly $30, we have an inclination that this stock will gain significantly over the next decade. Buy and hold.

2. Weightwatchers (Nasdaq: WTW) is a gains darling. The previous year has been a stellar year for its shareholders. Many days in 2018 when the market dived, WTW still posted significant gains. Oprah, perhaps buttressed by her flirtation with a WH run, has made the difference for this company and it shows no time of stopping. In fact, WTW just announced it will be entering the fray of the meal prep industry. Obviously looking to pick up or take the customers of an ailing Blue Apron if it files for bankruptcy (seriously APRN is trading at $2 these days). Meal prep services are yet another avenue to drive earnings. Buy, buy, buy again and hold.

3. PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) is taking fire recently due to the company’s business relationship ending with eBay. However, PayPal is still a buy. The previous year has been very kind to its shareholders. Moreover, it is a company geared towards future gains. The physical cash exchange is winding down, and the use of swiping physical cards are not too far behind! Alternative forms of payments will lead consumer preference. PYPL is in prime position to fight off competitors and continue to dominate cashless/cardless transactions. PYPL is the parent company for VenMo. Moreover, many app offerings (zelle or cash.app) are at a disadvantage because they have started so late in the transaction field. Both services lack the consumer list, infrastructure and does not have the trusted brand name as PYPL. Buy and hold.