Social Security is an entitlement to United States citizens who qualify. The program is slated to be cash depleted by 2034.

This means you need to count on yourself. Open an emergency savings account with Ally Bank. I like Ally the most because it is a completely online bank. No physical locations, but I do not spend that much time inside of a bank for a calendar year. Less overhead means higher rates and bigger annual percentage yield. What is an annual percentage yield? It is the amount the bank pays you for banking with them based on the amount in your account. (i.e. more money in your damn pocket!).

Lets look at the numbers. For Ally, a regular savings account has an annual percentage yield of 1.45%. For Capital one, a regular savings account has an annual percentage yield of 1.00% :(. Chase Bank, .10%…nah. SO when selecting an emergency savings account, you want to select a bank that will help you grow your money the most. (i.e. more money in your damn pocket!).

I also prefer Ally because the bank has favorable rates in the event a loan is needed. The company has placed an emphasis on helping millennials. Hence, here we are.

Alright, how do I grow my emergency savings account?

1. Budget more. Know how much you spend on a weekly basis is the best way to start.

2. Use coupons. Do not go out of your way to use a coupons deal, but if something is 50 cents off because of a piece of paper, use it. The savings do add up.

3. Use Walmart savings catcher app. The app not only builds up money for you, but also gives you insight on where to find cheaper deals on items (wait what?). You go to walmart. You get a receipt. The app scans and uploads the receipt. If the app finds a lower price with competing stores, it will give you the difference in an account. For example, you buy a can of green beans for $1.40 at Walmart. After your receipt is scanned, the savings catcher app finds green beans on sale for $1.00 at a competing store, you will be credited 40 cents. Best part, the app tells you the competing store and now you know where to go for lower prices.

4. Get a second job. Who wants to do this. But who wants more money? Here we are. Second jobs come in many forms. Be open. Be consistent. Be vigilant.